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Graduate Program

The Program in Medieval Studies offers a Certificate for Graduate Students. The requirements for the Certificate Program are as follows:

  1. Registration as a candidate for the Certificate in Medieval Studies.
  2. Successful completion of a course in Medieval Latin.
  3. Successful completion of at least four other courses in Medieval Studies areas, as approved by the Director.
  4. Demonstrated reading knowledge of a modern foreign language.
  5. Demonstrated knowledge of a medieval language other than Medieval Latin, if appropriate to the student's particular field of study.
  6. Approval of the Ph.D. dissertation by the Director, on recommendation of the thesis committee, as completing the Certificate Program in Medieval Studies.


Spring 2024

Course NumberCourse TitleInstructor
HC502Introduction to Medieval Christian ThoughtSarah Bogue
LAT597Medieval LatinGarrett Waters

Other Courses, Periodically Offered (List in progress)

ARTHIST 739Embodiment: Investigating the Body in Medieval ArtElizabeth Pastan
ARTHIST 739Visualizing the Cult of Medieval SaintsElizabeth Pastan
ARTHIST 739Medieval Art as a Text for the IlliterateElizabeth Pastan
ARTHIST 739Materials and Meanings in Medieval ArtElizabeth Pastan