The Program in Medieval Studies offers a Certificate for Graduate Students. The requirements for the Certificate Program are as follows:

  1. Registration as a candidate for the Certificate in Medieval Studies.
  2. Successful completion of a course in Medieval Latin.
  3. Successful completion of at least four other courses in Medieval Studies areas, as approved by the Director.
  4. Demonstrated reading knowledge of a modern foreign language.
  5. Demonstrated knowledge of a medieval language other than Medieval Latin, if appropriate to the student's particular field of study.
  6. Approval of the Ph.D. dissertation by the Director, on recommendation of the thesis committee, as completing the Certificate Program in Medieval Studies.

For more information about the Medieval Studies graduate program at Emory, please contact:

James H. Morey
Director, Medieval Studies Program 
Department of English
Emory University 
Callaway N312
(404) 727-4582