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Undergraduate Program

While there is no formal undergraduate degree program, there are many undergraduate course offerings in the broad field of medieval studies. These courses come from a wide variety of departments, including History, English, Art History, Religion, and Philosophy.

Various departments and divisions offer courses dealing with the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Participating departments in Emory College of Arts and Sciences include Art History, Classics, English, French and Italian, German, History, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Russian Studies, and Spanish.


Spring 2024

Course NumberCourse TitleInstructor
ENG310Medieval and Renaissance DramaJareema Hylton
ENG303Middle English Language and LiteratureJames Morey
ENG304ChaucerJames Morey
IDS385/ARTHIST285Seeing EunuchsLora Webb
JS341/REL341/PHIL385Medieval Jewish ThoughtDon Seeman
LAT320Medieval LatinGarrett Waters
PHIL200Ancient Greek and Medieval PhilosophyJanet Donohoe

Other Courses, Periodically Offered

(List in progress)

Course NumberCourse TitleInstructor
ARTHIST 232Monastery and CathedralElizabeth Pastan
ARTHIST 233Introducting Medieval BuidlingsElizabeth Pastan
ARTHIST 339Medieval Stained GlassElizabeth Pastan
ARTHIST 340Gothic ArchitectureElizabeth Pastan
ARTHIST 345Formation of Islamic ArtElizabeth Pastan
ARTHIST 475Senior Seminar: The Medieval BestiaryElizabeth Pastan
ARTHIST 475Senior Seminar: Representing the Other in Medieval ArtElizabeth Pastan
ARTHIST 475Senior Seminar: LiteraciesElizabeth Pastan
ARTHIST 475Senior Seminar: The Medieval TreasuryElizabeth Pastan
HIST 201The Formation of Western SocietyMichelle Armstrong-Partida
HIST 385Gender & Sexuality in the Middle AgesMichelle Armstrong-Partida
HIST 385All the Single Ladies: Singlewomen in Premodern EuropeMichelle Armstrong-Partida
HIST 487Sex, Slavery, & Religious Conflict in Premodern EuropeMichelle Armstrong-Partida
HIST 487Concubinage & Eunuchs Across the Premodern WorldMichelle Armstrong-Partida
HIST 487Sexualities & Same-Sex Love in Premodern EuropeMichelle Armstrong-Partida